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Every couple of months, you’ve had to snake your drain. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to trade in the DIY solutions for professional drain cleaning services.

A major red flag that you have a clogged drain is the persistent return of your issues. It’s difficult to realize how severe an issue is if it goes away for a while. That’s why we encourage you to call us at Prime Plumbing in Glen Burnie, MD as soon as you see an issue. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your plumbing.

Common DIY Drain Cleaning Mistakes

Before you try to fix your clogged drain, you should know what not to do. Not all DIY drain cleaning solutions will help your situation. Sometimes, they’ll make it worse.

  • Don’t DIY your equipment. If you want to snake your drain, buy or rent an actual drain snake. Don’t try to make one yourself. You don’t want to risk damaging your pipes or getting something stuck.
  • Don’t reach for the chemical drain cleaner. Drain cleaners are convenient and inexpensive, but cause problems. The chemicals can damage your pipes, and might not actually work for your clog.
  • Don’t disassemble your sink. Leave this to the professionals. It may seem easy to take your sink apart, but putting it back together properly is much harder.

Uncommon Items That Clog Your Drain

Everyone knows common substances that clog drains, such as grease, oil, and hair. But what about the not-so-obvious ways your drain can get clogged? Here are a few:

  • Toys- if you have small children in your home, beware of toys getting flushed down the toilet. Once they’re in the pipes, you’ll need a professional to get them out.
  • Cement- Did you know that old pipes that aren’t used anymore get blocked off with cement? They do. Unfortunately, the cement can end up in working pipes and cause blockages.
  • Cat litter- This is one of the worst things you can pour down the drain. Cat litter, by design, clumps when it comes in contact with liquids. All cat litter should go in the trash.

How We Clean and Maintain Pipes and Drains

When blockages and clogs happen, our professional cleaners in Glen Burnie are here to save the day.

At Prime Plumbing, we use advanced methods and techniques for finding leaks and inspecting blockages. Our methods have proven to be both safe and effective.

  • High-Tech Cameras – Using advanced cameras, we take a video of the inside your drains. We can locate the clog or damage and solve the problem quickly during the first visit.
  • Sewer Locators – Thanks to our sewer locator tools, we can identify sewer and water lines at your home or office building with ease.
  • Drain Snaking – Drain snakes are highly efficient tools that clear even the toughest clogs without the need for digging or cutting.

While having the right tools for the job makes our work easier, it’s our extensive experience that gets the job done right—guaranteed.

Want to know more about how we clean and maintain your pipes and drains? Visit our blog.

What to Expect During a Visit From Prime Plumbing

A visit from Prime Plumbing technician includes three steps:

Identifying the Problem

When one of our technicians arrives, their first step is to figure out what the problem is. They’ll bring all the tools they’ll need, so all you need to do is show them where you see the issue. If you can recreate the symptoms, that’s even better.

Discussing Courses of Action

Once the technician knows what’s wrong, they’ll tell you the problem and their suggested course of action. In a way, this is a collaborative process. Our technicians are respectful of your property, and no work moves forward without your permission.

Moving Forward

Based on your decision in the previous step, your Prime Plumbing technician will perform your drain cleaning or any other services you agree on.

We understand that a primary deterrent from seeking professional plumbing help is the cost. Contact us at Prime Plumbing to learn about financing your drain cleaning service.

Ready to schedule an appointment? Call Prime Plumbing at (443) 741-1129 today for drain cleaning in Glen Burnie, MD.



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