Plumbing in Baltimore

Baltimore’s plumbing infrastructure is aging, so locals need a top-rated plumbing team to cope with inefficiencies. Our team is fully licensed and insured, always doing their utmost best to keep you informed. We keep our prices affordable by offering free replacement quotes and military/senior discounts. We provide a variety of skills, whether you need a large-scale commercial installation or a minor residential repair. Visit our FAQs page to explore your plumbing requirements.

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Drain Cleaning

Drains are one of the most complex parts of residential and commercial buildings. They have to cope with gallons of filthy water daily, but they can be challenging to clean without professional help. Prime Plumbing offers the most cutting-edge drain-cleaning equipment in the industry. If your pipes or garbage disposal are emitting odors or are slow to drain, we’ll resolve the problem without exposing your pipes to mechanical damage.

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Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are a Baltimore staple that protect your infrastructure from water damage. They’re necessary for homes built below their water lines. We handle every aspect of sump pump ownership, including repairs, replacements, and annual maintenance. We also handle backup pumps, usually battery-powered, to provide functionality during a power outage.

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Sewer Lines

Our top-rated team understands that your sanitation and health rely on a fully functional sewer line. We offer a range of sewer line services, including blockage repairs, pipe repairs, installations, and replacements. We use the latest technologies to address most problems without digging up your treasured landscaping or mortar.

Our repair services provide lasting results for tree root intrusions, aging pipes, spot repairs, and full-line replacements. Not all plumbers have the skill to offer commercial water sewer services, but our team is up to the challenge. They have extensive experience with commercial infrastructure and are equipped with tools robust enough to resolve large-scale problems. You need a sewer line service if:

  • You detect the scent of raw sewage.
  • Your drains are backed up.
  • You spot a leak or particularly lush patch on your lawn.

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Water Heaters

Our comprehensive water heater services include installing and repairing storage tanks and tankless systems. We work with electric, natural gas, and propane appliances, so if you want to separate from the grid or shrink your carbon footprint, we can help. As a Ribbai-authorized dealer, we can provide manufacturer-specific repairs and installations.

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Why Choose Prime Plumbing?

Prime Plumbing might have a large team of plumbers, but we offer the friendliness and service excellence you might receive from a small business. We pride ourselves on our reliable, prompt, professional service. That’s why we attract so many stellar reviews. We arrive on time and provide lasting results.

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Plumbing FAQs

What do plumbers use to unclog a sink?

Plumbers used to use corrosive chemicals and destructive equipment to unblock drains. These days, we rely on hydro jetting, which can lift stubborn blockages without damaging pipes.

Why would my water heater suddenly stop working?

You could have blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker, but a broken heating element is equally likely. Water heaters malfunction for a range of different reasons. Leaks, corroded tanks, and sediment buildup are common problems.

How often should you run a sump pump?

If you have manual equipment, you should only run your sump pump when you have basement flooding. That said, your sump pump needs routine maintenance at least once a year with four monthly overhauls.

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