Drain Cleaning Dundalk, MD

If you delay drain cleaning long enough, the problem will become significant and costly to repair. Unfortunately, delaying the professional cleaning of your drain will make the problem much more difficult to solve. Reach out to our drain cleaning experts in Dundalk as soon as you notice anything is wrong with your drain.  We will eliminate the clog or other problem and get your plumbing back to normal as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Drain Cleaning Services

Over time, you may notice your drain is running slowly and is becoming filled with greases, food remnants, toothpaste, detergents, and more.  Our professional Dundalk plumbers are available 24/7 to handle even the most complex clogs. We will cut through the clog, remove the source of the clog, and restore your drain to working order. Our team has the equipment, knowledge, and experience necessary to provide you and your family the exceptional service you deserve.


The Right Plumbing Tools for Those Stubborn Clogs

You may be tempted to save money and use store-bought drain cleaners; however, these cleaners are often filled with harmful chemicals that can wear down your plumbing. In addition, they are typically only a temporary fix and will not completely eliminate the source of the clog. To ensure your drains are properly cleaned and clog-free, it is best to call our reliable Dundalk plumbers for thorough and precise drain cleaning. As part of the drain cleaning process, we will apply water jetting at a high level of pressure to eliminate all everything built up in your drain.  Once our plumbers are done, water will flow freely through your drains and pipes without impediment.

We Clear Drains of Every Type

There is a common misconception that only bathroom drains clog at a high frequency as this is where hair, soap, toilet paper, grime, and shampoo accumulate.  However, every type of drain at your Dundalk home or business has the potential to clog.  Whether your kitchen drain, bathroom drain, outdoor drain, or other drain is clogged, we will clear the blockage and restore full functionality in a timely manner.  Our team will also explain how the clog formed in the first place to help you prevent another clog in the future.

Contact Prime Plumbing Today

Is your drain clogged, slow, or flawed in any other way?  If you have a drain problem or any other plumbing problem and live/work in the greater Dundalk area, reach out to us today for prompt assistance.  You can contact our Dundalk plumbers by dialing 443-741-1129 or emailing service@primeplumbingmd.com.


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