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Boiler Service & Repair Annapolis, MD

Winter in Maryland means enduring frigid temperatures, snow and ice. When you rely on a boiler system to keep your home warm, you need to also rely on preventative maintenance and boiler service to ensure it doesn’t fail at the worst possible moment. Prime Plumbing is a trusted provider of boiler service in Annapolis, MD. We work hard to ensure that your home and heating system will be just as energy efficient when cold weather arrives at your door. Whether something is wrong and you need repairs or you just want a seasonal tune-up, trust our plumbers and technicians with your boiler.

Why Is Annual Boiler Service in Annapolis, MD So Important?

All car owners know that preventative maintenance and oil changes are critical to prevent major issues and keep their cars in excellent condition. Just like with your car, you should do the same for your boiler and heating system. We work with many homeowners throughout the area to provide boiler service in Annapolis, MD. Our professionals are skilled at finding issues with your system before you notice them. When we visit your home and inspect your boiler, we can also repair any existing problems that could worsen and lead to major headaches in the future.
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Why is annual boiler service in Annapolis, MD so important?

  1. Lower Repair Expenses: If you have one small problem in your boiler system, it can snowball over time into a more severe, expensive problem. Emergency heating service due to a serious issue is often more expensive than preventative repairs that could have pinpointed the issue before it was a major issue. When we visit your home for boiler service, we will replace key system parts and perform services that ensure the longevity of both your unit and the pieces inside of it.
  2. Safe Home: Boiler inspections are very important to pinpoint issues within your unit that can also lead to serious, even fatal, situations. Over 35% of annual carbon monoxide deaths occur between December and March. Without professional boiler service in Annapolis, MD, you could put your family at an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  3. Decreased Energy Bills: If a boiler is properly taken care of, it should be working in the most energy efficient manner possible. Boiler service is a great way to stop a heater from working too hard to meet your energy needs or wasting energy. A system that is in great condition will use energy as efficiently as possible.
  4. Insurance Coverage: Did you know that most home insurance policies and home warranties require you to invest in preventative maintenance of your heating system? Annual boiler service in Annapolis, MD will make sure that your protection plans remain valid and in place.

What Are the Signs You Need Boiler Repair in Annapolis, MD?

Because some of the issues present in your boiler can be very serious and do damage to the rest of the unit, it’s important to call for boiler repair in Annapolis, MD as soon as you notice the issue.

Some of the most common symptoms of a boiler that needs professional help include:

  1. Needing the same repair performed more than once or needing regular repairs
  2. Strange smells coming from the boiler
  3. Sounds including hissing, banging, clanging and screeching coming from the boiler
  4. A pilot light that is not lit
  5. Heat that isn’t working properly
  6. Low water pressure
  7. Water staining, condensation, leaks or other signs of moisture problems around the base or body of the boiler
  8. Energy bills that are spiking compared to last month or compared to past years when temperatures were similar
  9. Your home taking an extended period of time to heat up when the heat kicks on
  10. Adjusting the thermostat constantly to make sure that your home stays comfortable
  11. Radiators that are not heating fully
  12. A flame that is yellow or seems to be irregular
  13. Smoke marks or staining on the walls by the boiler
  14. A boiler that is refilling and overheating frequently
  15. A boiler that is old and struggling to work correctly
If you notice any of the signs above or simply have a suspicion that something is wrong, call Prime Plumbing for boiler repair in Annapolis, MD. One of our plumbers will visit your home and assess what the problems are. Then, we will provide you with a quote for repairs so that you can decide how you would like to move forward. We drive fully-stocked trucks, so we can complete many repairs on the spot.

What Does a Boiler Service in Annapolis, MD Include?

Prime Plumbing is a helpful, knowledgeable provider of boiler service in Annapolis, MD. All of our professionals are licensed and fully trained, and we understand how to service and repair a complete range of boilers and heating systems. If you have any specific concerns about your unit, we can address them during our visit. Our average preventative boiler service includes:
  • Cleaning boiler components
  • Inspecting the boiler visually to check for signs of leakage, damage or rust
  • Examining the flue and combustion releases
  • Checking over the control components and testing them to ensure proper function
  • Completing a range of safety tests, including: pilot burner, thermostat, boiler operation, heating controls, flame sensor, electrical wiring, gas and pressure flow and safety devices
  • Checking to make sure the boiler was properly reassembled
  • Making recommendations for current and future repairs
  • Reviewing the condition of your boiler and anything discovered with you to make sure you are informed
We are here to help extend the lifespan of your boiler and keep your family safe and comfortable.

What Makes Prime Plumbing a Trusted Source for Boiler Repair in Annapolis, MD?

Prime Plumbing has a team of skilled technicians who can repair and service all models of furnaces and boiler systems. Our wealth of experience allows us to quickly diagnose the problem and make the right repairs. We take our reputation seriously, so we only suggest repairs that are critical and give you the advice that we would give to a trusted family member or friend. We want to be your best resource for boiler repair in Annapolis, MD. Beyond our boiler repair services, we also provide regular boiler service and preventative maintenance. Investing in maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and find issues before they can worsen and lead to even more damage. To learn more about our annual maintenance options, call us at (443) 741-1129.

Where Can I Find Boiler Service & Repair in Annapolis, MD?

Priming Plumbing works with homeowners throughout the Annapolis, MD area, including in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Harford County and Howard County. We are licensed and certified and can help with all of your plumbing problems, including servicing drains, sewers, water heaters, sump pumps, boilers and more. To request service or learn more, call us today at (443) 741-1129.

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Staying local made sure that I was taken care of once again. Called on a Thursday and they had someone out by 8am on Friday. Al did a phenomenal job! I explained the issues, he gave me 4 different solution options with pricing, answered all my questions, kept everything clean and sanitary, and was so kind. Job was completed the same day and was reasonably priced. As a single female I didn't feel like I was manipulated for extra services or overpriced, I was treated with complete respect. I'll certainly use them again!

Amanda M.

The whole process was very easy. From making the appointment online and the confirmation via text message, they sent me a photo of the plumber who was going to come to my house. The day of the appointment the plumber called me to tell me that he was on his way. Upon arrival at the house he was very professional and courteous. He explained everything to me in great detail. I recommend this company 100% and they accept all kinds of payments plus a guarantee on the job for one year.

Virna R.

Sam came out for the estimate and recorded everything they were going to do along with taking photos. Job was redoing feed and drain lines under the sink, and installing a new dishwasher and disposal. Called on Monday to schedule once the dishwasher was delivered, and they had us booked for the next day. Al showed up on time for appointment, completed all work quickly, leak checked, ran washer and disposal to verify correct operation, took photos to document, and packed out all the debris. Under $900 parts and labor, including new cutoff valves, new washer feed line, new sink trap, removal and reinstall of disposal and dishwasher, including supplies. Charged exactly what was provided on the job estimate. Highly recommended.

Rob N.

I absolutely recommend Prime Plumbing. I called them after seeing positive Google reviews. The office agent got an appointment 3 hours after I called. The technician called me 5-10 minutes before arrival. Will, the technician was super professional and thoughtful about the space. He wore the disposable shoe protectors as to not bring the outdoors inside. He was mindful not to use machinery that would harm my home. He also answered my questions with a friendly and pleasant demeanor. The problem was fixed and I was so happy. 5 stars!

Amara B.

A real person answered the phone at 4:30 pm and not a long voicemail. It was easy to schedule an appointment. Information regarding upfront consultation fee was provided during the phone call. Reminder text message was sent one day before the appointment. On the day of the appointment, an additional text message with the picture of the plumber who is coming was sent. Overall a very pleasant experience. Our plumber was knowledgeable and professional. He also made sure to put on booties which I really appreciated

Phillipines C.
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