Backflow Device Testing Laurel, MD

Make sure your drinking water is safe with backflow testing from Prime Plumbing!

Regular backflow device testing can do more than keep your water fresh and sanitary—it can also help you stay compliant with Maryland laws. If you live in Laurel and need to ensure that your pressure system is working properly, Prime Plumbing can help.

Our approachable and skilled experts have your best interests at heart and are more than well versed in local and state plumbing legislation. All our work is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee, and we pride ourselves on doing right by our customers, every time.

If you need plumbing repair services or backflow testing in Laurel, MD, get in touch with our team today!

How Do I Know if I Need Backflow Device Testing?

While there are a few different types of backflow devices, they all serve the same purpose—safety. Your backflow device maintains the proper pressure within your plumbing system to ensure that wastewater or storage water from other non-drinking water sources, such as boilers, irrigation, and fire suppression systems, doesn’t flow back into your home drinking water.

Backflow device testing is necessary to make sure that your water is safe to drink. On top of the obvious health concerns of contaminated water, it can also damage your pipes and appliances.

Stay on the safe side. Let our experts at Prime Plumbing conduct backflow device testing. It’s easy, affordable, and will give you peace of mind.

Understanding Maryland Backflow Device Legislation

In Maryland, most new and remodeled homes need to have backflow devices installed, and these devices must be tested to ensure they are operational. Certified Backflow Technicians, like ours, need to test the system regularly.

This process is relatively straightforward, and it keeps both you and your pipes safe. Generally, the test takes about an hour and should be done once every three years unless you see any of the warning signs noted below.

  • Your water is an unusual color.
  • There is a strong rotten egg smell coming from your drain.
  • You see rust or dirt in your water.
  • The water itself has an “off” taste.

If your water is exhibiting any of the above, it could be a backflow issue, though there are other potential causes. Either way, our experienced team is here to help. We can evaluate your plumbing system, perform backflow testing if necessary, and find the problem if not.

If you have an older home with no backflow device, we can also install one for you to meet modern safety codes.

Laurel’s Most Reliable Backflow Device Testing Services

Regular backflow device testing is essential for a number of different reasons—the most important of which is you and your family’s health and safety. When it comes to ensuring that your piping is working correctly, you can rely on our experts at Prime Plumbing.

Not only do we offer the most reliable backflow device testing services in Laurel, MD, but we are also on hand to help with plumbing issues of all variety from drain cleaning to home inspection. Our trained technicians will always explain what needs to be done in plain English—no complicated jargon. With 24/7 professional emergency services and a commitment to fair pricing and transparency, Prime Plumbing is an excellent company to have in your corner.

If you live in Laurel, MD, and are unsure of whether you need backflow device testing, call us today at (443) 741-1129 We’re happy to make sure that your pipes are up to code and that you and your family have access to safe water.


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