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What Is Backflow?

In your home’s or commercial building’s water-supply infrastructure, your water should stay at a constant pressure. This is essential to ensure that stagnant water does not infiltrate your system and that the dirty sewage water stays in its designated storage area.

Sometimes, however, this pressure can fluctuate, causing the contaminated water to seep its way into your supply of drinking water. Backflow has two leading causes:

  • Back pressure

Back pressure occurs when the contaminated water gets pushed back into your clean water supply. Either mechanical means or thermal expansion, caused by a spoiled water heater or boiler, can contribute to back pressure.

  • Back Siphonage

Back siphonage occurs when the contaminated water gets sucked into your property’s water system. Back siphonage happens as a result of pressure changes or device malfunctions.

Though sewer backups are the more common problems associated with backflow, the real dangers lie in the type of bacteria, chemicals, and pollutants that could contaminate your water supply.

Sewer water could contain bacteria such as leptospirosis and Heliobacter Pylori that cause muscle aches and ulcers, respectively. Acanthamoeba could also contaminate your water, causing nose, throat, eye, and ear infections.

Other common culprits might be insecticides and chemicals like sodium hydroxide that could cause various health complications such as respiratory issues.

The Importance of Backflow Device Testing

A backflow device, sometimes known as an RPZ valve, is a device you install on your plumbing system, to protect your water from contamination. In the event of a decrease in water pressure, your backflow device will open and dump out the water, preventing the contaminated water from backflowing into your water supply.

While backflow devices have a lifespan of up to 40 years, they consist of nuts, bolts, springs, and screws that are prone to malfunction. When one part breaks down, your entire backflow device might fail, leaving your water supply vulnerable.

Usually, backflow devices come with two safety-check valves. The first valve only opens when the water pressure reaches a specific level. The second safety-check valve is responsible for preventing backflow caused by back pressure. Regardless of the type of failure, it will impair the device’s performance.

The common wear and tear and potential malfunctions are why backflow device testing is crucial. The test allows our qualified and licensed technicians to check your device for any signs of damage, offering repair services early on to prevent the device from completely failing.

Once our technician tests your backflow device and ensures its proper operation, we provide you with the certified paperwork. Having backflow device testing annually ensures that your water supply stays backflow-free and safe for you and your family to drink.

Please contact us at Prime Plumbing to get more information on how backflow-device testing can protect your water supply.

Turn To Prime Plumbing For Reliable Backflow Device Testing

Now that you understand the role your backflow device plays, you can see the necessity of testing. At Prime Plumbing, we have a team of state-authorized examiners with the experience and expertise to conduct such testing.

If you reside in Columbia, MD, be sure to get in touch with Prime Plumbing today by calling 443-936-0800. We can provide you with the quality and affordable backflow device testing services that will offer you the peace of mind you seek. Please call for a free estimate.


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