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Keep your backflow device in compliance and your water safe with Prime Plumbing.

The state of Maryland requires that most homes, businesses, and irrigation systems install backflow prevention devices to protect the public water supply’s safety. Maryland law also specifies that a certified plumber needs to test your backflow device annually. You can count on our licensed plumbers at Prime Plumbing for comprehensive backflow device testing in Bethesda, MD, to ensure you have clean and healthy water.

Protecting public health and the safety of our drinking water is a top priority for us. Our state-certified plumbers will determine whether your home or business has a backflow issue. If there are any issues, we’ll help you resolve them.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition with affordable, efficient, and friendly services. We were awarded the 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award and have dozens of 5-star customer reviews for our prompt and professional service.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is one of the biggest threats to our public water supply system. Water systems are designed for fluid to flow in specific directions: clean water flows in, and dirty water flows out. Backflow happens when wastewater reverses its flow, contaminating public, residential, or commercial water supplies.

Water systems count on a healthy balance of pressure to deliver clean water and gravity and ventilation to remove wastewater. When that balance is disrupted—from a water line break or an issue with your internal plumbing system, for example—dirty water can contaminate the clean water supply.

In recent years, many states, including Maryland, require backflow prevention devices in homes and businesses to reduce the threat of backflow.

Signs of Backflow

No one wants to doubt the safety of their water when they turn on the tap. However, it’s essential to recognize the signs of contaminated water because it is an emergency that requires the immediate help of a licensed plumber. Common signs of water contamination include:

  • Discolored water that is brown, yellow, or pinkish in tone
  • Slow or stopped water flow
  • Rust flakes or other sediments
  • Sulfur, or a rotten egg, smell and/or taste
  • Slow draining or increased water level in sinks, toilets, or sewers
  • Leaks in your indoor plumbing, sprinkler, or irrigation system


Backflow Prevention and Testing

The best way to prevent backflow is to have a certified plumber install a backflow preventer device. As mentioned, in Maryland, many counties, including Anne Arundel County, require installing backflow devices in all new and remodeled homes, businesses, and facilities. Failing to do so, or failing to have it inspected annually, can result in heft fines.

If you have an older home, you may not have a backflow device, as they weren’t always legally required. Backflow devices are a critical component in maintaining your water supply—as is regular testing. Our team is happy to inspect your plumbing system and ensure that you not only have a backflow device but one that is compliant with current regulations and running at peak performance.

Contact us today to schedule a backflow service—protect the safety of your home or business’s drinking water.

Count on Your Trusted Partners at Prime Plumbing

Our pros at Prime Plumbing have been diagnosing and fixing backflow problems since 2012. We have knowledgeable staff to provide you with backflow testing and quickly return your water supply to safety. We provide excellent and affordable service to Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard counties, and all of the greater Bethesda area.

To schedule an appointment for backflow device testing or any other plumbing service, call our team at Prime Plumbing in Bethesda, MD, today at 443-741-1129.


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