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Whether you own a commercial or residential property, a backflow event is never good news. It occurs when water flows backward, from a customer’s plumbing system into the public water supply, contaminating the water and making it a safety hazard. Although backflow seems like a typical plumbing fix, it can lead to significant problems, especially if multiple people fall ill.

Backflow happens for several reasons, none of which you can prevent or predict. In Maryland, commercial property owners must schedule annual backflow testing by licensed technicians. If your device needs reparation, our specialists at Prime Plumbing ensure that the process meets state requirements to keep your supply safe.

At Prime Plumbing, we offer:

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How Backflow Devices Work

The water for your home or business should flow into your property, and water pressure helps push it out. Sometimes, pipe damage or other causes create the opposite effect and start to pull water in—and also everything with it. A backflow device prevents this from happening, as it keeps the water flowing in one direction.


Backflow devices are mandatory for commercial buildings in Maryland but are also becoming more popular in homes. They are placed on your pipe system to prevent water from flowing out. If the device malfunctions, it puts your customers or family at risk of getting sick.

It is rare for highly-toxic material to flow down the drains of residential properties, but this is not always the case with companies, farms, and manufacturing plants. Biohazards flow through plumbing systems in clinics and medical facilities daily. In this case, preventing backflow becomes all the more critical for public health.

If you are a commercial property owner and need an emergency repair, contact us at any time for 24-hour service.

Backflow Device Repair

The first sign your backflow device needs repair is a change in your water. If you notice a bad smell, such as rotten eggs or sulfur, and a difference in pressure, taste, or color, contact us for inspection. Even if your water seems clean, it is critical to perform maintenance checks that meet legal requirements and present the necessary paperwork.

In some cases, the problem is a simple fix and doesn’t require much time or maintenance. However, you may need a complete replacement of your device, especially if it is an older model. As a property owner, consistent testing gives you peace of mind and prevents a malfunction from becoming a substantial problem.

At Prime Plumbing, our crews have the state licensing requirements to perform safe and effective backflow device repair. Using only professional-grade tools and equipment, we ensure that your water supply remains safe, clean, and flowing in the right direction.

We Are By Your Side

We understand you have other issues to worry about without the additional burden of legal fines or water flow problems. Our experts at Prime Plumbing are by your side whether you need a repair or a simple maintenance check on your backflow device. Don’t let your water flow inconvenience your customers and family members.

Let our crews show you the difference in professional repair and maintenance services that prioritizes your needs. Call Prime Plumbing at (443) 936-0800 to schedule a consultation today.


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