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LeakSmart Water Leak Detection and Prevention

Shut Off the Water…With Your Phone!

Water damage is the most common claim homeowners make to insurance companies. Just one burst pipe (which Prime Plumbing can fix!) can discharge as much as 15-20 gallons of water per minute into your home, causing lasting damage to your property, possessions, and your bank account. 

What if there was a way to automatically detect a leak and then immediately shut off the water at its source? Well now there is. Home automation in plumbing has arrived! We have partnered with LeakSmart to provide our customers with the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection available. LeakSmart offers a suite of whole home water protection and monitoring products that will detect a leak and shut off the water supply in less than 5 seconds. At the first sign of a leak, the LeakSmart sensor will sound an alarm and immediately shut off the main water supply.

Direct Appliance Shut-Off Kits

When attached, these devices can detect leaks and prevent damage. Kits are available for water heaters, washing machines, sinks, ice makers, dishwashers and refrigerators. Each kit includes a shut off valve, an easy-to read LED control panel, and a LeakSmart sensor. When a leak is detected, an audible alarm is sounded and the water to the appliance is shut off. The system can then be reset and reused. The control panel comes with a battery back up in case of a power outage and no internet connection is required.

Remote Home Monitoring

You can now protect your entire home by adding water sensors to high risk and hard-to-reach areas. Place them around washing machines, water heaters, bathrooms, kitchens and connect them via a LeakSmart Hub. Each Hub can handle up to 32 devices. When a leak is detected, it triggers an audible alarm and sends a notification (email, text, or push notification) via the Hub directly to you. Sensors and Hub come with a battery backup in case of a power outage  

Whole Home Systems

A whole home system includes automatic shut-off valves, water sensors, and a Hub. The Hub is the central communication point between each sensor, valve, and you. Using this system, you can actually monitor the water flow rate and usage in your home allowing you to set limits and track daily, weekly, and monthly water usage! The system will work 24/7 with or without power and is controlled remotely through the LeakSmart App (Phone) or the LeakSmart Dashboard (Web). You are connected to your system anywhere in the world if you have connectivity. As an added perk, the LeakSmart Hub works with most home automation systems including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Integration is quick and easy. 

As an added bonus, all professionally installed LeakSmart systems are backed by a 5-year manufacturers warranty.

LeakSmart is also the perfect option for property owners to remotely monitor and protect their investment. Be it a rental home or vacation condo, LeakSmart provides the peace of mind complete 24/7 protection offers. 

We think this tech is SERIOUSLY awesome. If you have any questions about LeakSmart, feel free to give us a call!


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