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Baltimore & Anne Arundel County Residents:

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You May be Eligible for Lead Pipe Replacement

According to CBS News, Maryland outlawed the installation of lead water service lines in 1972, but many homes, schools, and businesses predate that ban. Experts estimate that more than 275,000 public and private water lines in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, and Baltimore County may contain lead. These lines must be identified and retrofitted with safe materials.
A federal bipartisan infrastructure law has earmarked approximately $150 million for Maryland over the next five years to locate and replace lead water pipes. In disadvantaged areas, lead pipe replacement is free of charge. The first allocation is directed to Baltimore City and Baltimore County.
Locating all lead pipes in the Baltimore area is a huge undertaking, but one in which the community can make a significant impact. Home and business owners are urged to take a short 5-minute survey, which walks you through how to inspect your own pipes and water main and report your findings. It’s fast, easy, and crucial to the safety and health of our families and neighbors.
Take the self-survey today! Click the appropriate link below to access the survey for your area:
Baltimore City & County Survey
Anne Arundel County Survey
If you can’t perform the self-survey, please call the experts at Prime Plumbing for assistance.

Why Testing Water for Lead is Critical

Although the use of lead pipes to transport water dates back to ancient Rome, the danger posed by lead has not diminished. Lead is a toxic substance that accumulates in the body over time, causing various health issues.
High concentrations of lead in the body are harmful to all humans but are especially dangerous to children and expectant mothers.
  • In children, lead may cause developmental delays, learning disabilities, and behavioral issues.
  • High lead levels in expectant mothers increase the chance of miscarriage, low birth weight, or premature birth.
For adults, long-term exposure to lead can also lead to kidney damage, nervous system disorders, and cardiovascular issues.
In light of health concerns, the use of lead pipes has declined significantly in modern times. However, a 2024 EPA report states that over 9 million lead service lines (LSLs) continue to pipe water across the United States.
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Act Now

Taking action to replace lead pipes is crucial for safeguarding public health and ensuring access to safe drinking water for all. By addressing this issue, we prioritize the well-being of our communities, especially those disproportionately affected by lead contamination. It’s a proactive step toward creating healthier environments and securing a better future for generations to come.
Save time, call Prime! Contact us online or call (443) 741-1129 for testing services. Prime offers testing services in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Anne Arundel County.


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