Summer is in full swing, which means hours of fun in the sun. And fun in the sun requires toys that kids will love. Take their playtime to the next level and craft unique, one-of-a-kind toys using PVC pipe! PVC pipe is inexpensive and available at any local hardware store. Check out these super fun and easy-to-build DIY projects!

PVC Bow & Arrow

Source: skiptomylou.org

This bow and arrow is super simple to make, safe for kids to use, and encourages endless hours of outdoor play! You can view the full tutorial here.

PVC Marshmallow Blow Gun

Source: FrugalFun4Boys.com

Constructing this blow gun is super easy and the sky’s the limit when it comes to their design—they can be assembled (and decorated) in so many different ways! You can view the full tutorial here.

PVC “Lightsaber”

Source: The Idea Room

Combine some PVC pipe with a colorful pool noodle, and you’ve got yourself a kid-friendly “lightsaber!” You can view the full tutorial here.

PVC Periscope

Source: Instructables Living

This PVC twist on the traditional milk carton design is still kid-friendly, but feels more like a “real” periscope! You can view the full tutorial here.

PVC Bubble Wand

Source: Kids Activities Blog

This GIANT bubble wand works just like the one you can pick up at any toy store, but has an added layer of fun since you get to build it yourself! You can view the full tutorial (and a recipe for the bubble solution) here.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to make these toys as much as we did! We would LOVE to see your completed builds. Share them with us on our facebook page!

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