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Common Summer Plumbing Problems

As summer comes to a close, there’s still a lot to be excited about. The O’s are on fire, the temps are coming down, and the days are still long. Still, some end-of-summer things will never change—and one of them is homeowners battling plumbing problems. With warmer temps and heavy rain, comes a variety of seasonal struggles.

Here’s a quick look at the most common problems and what you can do to address them.

Basement flooding

Though July is the wettest month in Maryland, the rainy season lasts through August, and that means basement flooding can occur all summer long. When an unexpected downpour strikes, it’s not uncommon for water to seep into low-lying areas like your basement. Fortunately, your sump pump is designed to fix this problem and can help you dry out in no time. If you haven’t already, be sure to check that your sump pump is working properly before it’s too late. If it’s not working the way it’s supposed to when you test, chances are it’s clogged so you’ll want to thoroughly inspect the pump impeller for buildup.

Clogged or jammed disposals

Speaking of clogs, there may be no time more likely for clogs to occur throughout your house than in the summer. One of the areas that gets a major workout over the summer is the garbage disposal. This can usually be chalked up to how often people gather for parties and cookouts, with hard food remnants like corn cobs and melon rinds gunking up the disposal. If your disposal is jammed, insert an Allen wrench into the hole in the bottom of the disposal and rotate it vigorously. This should unclog any debris that’s stuck under the blades.

Blocked toilets

Another victim of overuse, toilets tend to take a beating during the summer as homes are filled with kids on summer break and plenty of houseguests. If you find that your toilets aren’t working at full strength, it’s likely that there’s a clog. The most popular tool to use in a situation like this is a plunger, but you can also try squirting about one-half cup of dish soap into the toilet and flushing, adding hot water and flushing, or using a DIY drain snake made with a wire hanger to dislodge any blockages.

Malfunctioning sprinklers

Hot and humid temps can do a number on a lawn, which is why so many people run their sprinklers several times a week in the summer. The problem is that the increase in usage also increases the chances of something going wrong with the sprinkler system’s different parts. In addition, with kids playing outside and guests enjoying the yard, you’re bound to cause a leak by breaking a sprinkler head or two. Fixing sprinkler leaks involves finding the problem area and repairing or replacing either the pipes or the actual sprinkler head itself.

Washing machine breakdowns

Here’s another appliance that often falls victim to overuse in the summer. Think about how much more laundry you do this time of year. Whether it’s due to days spent at the pool or just from the kids playing outside in the dirt, washing machines get put to the test during the summer months. There are many different things that can go wrong with a washing machine, but leaks are the most prevalent. If you notice your washing machine is leaking, be sure to check the hoses for any sign of splitting. And if you do have to replace your hose, always go with stainless-steel over rubber—it’ll last longer.

Of course, there are many other plumbing problems that can occur through the end of the summer—and you may not be able to fix them all. If you are ever in a bind and need a professional, don’t hesitate to reach out to Prime Plumbing. Save time, call Prime!


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