Water Mains & Service Lines

Water Mains

Water mains are the main artery of most water distribution systems. They are highly pressurized, large pipes that carry water from a distribution facility on to your home or business.

Water Service Lines

Water is supplied to your home or business via service lines. Although these lines connect directly to water mains, they are your responsibility. Often times, water pressure issues and discoloration are due to bad water lines. Cracks caused by weather or settling are usually the cause of most problems. Prime Plumbing is able to assess your situation, and make the proper repairs. We always try to avoid major excavations but if your circumstances call for it, we have the tools and skills needed to handle the issue.

Polybutylene Blue Pipe

A specific type of water line used from the 1970s to the 1990s, this type of pipe is known for its propensity to fail. Chemicals inside the pipe react with chemicals like chlorine, which is found in most city water systems, cause the pipe to degrade over time, and eventually rupture. Numerous class action lawsuits have been brought on against PB-1. We do not service Polybutylene but we do replace it with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is now standard in the industry.

Copper vs HDPE

Although we believe that HDPE is perfectly fine for all applications, copper is sometimes preferred or requested. Whether you choose HDPE or Copper, your system will last 30+ years. Some believe that copper has more longevity, but it also comes at a higher price tag. Both systems are resistant to chlorine, with copper having the slight edge. Our technicians are trained in both systems.


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