Natural Gas & Propane

New Natural Gas Line Installation

Whether it’s running new lines, or repairing old ones, we are equipped to handle both natural gas and propane. You might currently use electric appliances but want to switch gas. This can be a tricky operation for a DIY homeowner. We highly recommend the use of a professional for this type of work to ensure that the it is done correctly the first time.

Running New Gas Lines from an Existing System

For smaller projects, like installing a new stove, or running a dedicated line to your outdoor grill, we are trained and happy to help you. We will be sure to inspect your gas system before and after we work on it to ensure that everything works safely and correctly.

Natural Gas Repair and Inspection

If you have older lines in your home, it may be a good idea to have them inspected. Whether you go with Prime or another professional, we always recommend having things checked. Better safe than sorry!

*It’s important to ensure that only a licensed gas fitter should work with gas line


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