Backflow Device Testing

Do I have a backflow device?

These devices are installed on all new and renovated buildings, both residential and commercial. They are also installed on any property with an irrigation system, fire suppressant system, or larger boiler. Backflow devices are also required to be installed on all new or renovated commercial buildings.

Why do I need my backflow device tested?

Contaminants or stagnant water can sometimes infiltrate these systems which can lead to bacteria growth. If a problem arises in your water system that may cause the pressure to drop like a water main break, hydrant flushing, or water leak, the bacteria-laden water can sometimes make its way into your drinking water. The backflow testing device prevents this from happening.

What are the backflow device laws in Maryland?

In Maryland, it’s a law that new backflow devices need to be inspected by a certified professional.


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