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A clogged drain can cause major damage if left to its own devices. The way the clog packs into your pipes causes pressure to build. The longer the pressure builds, the more likely it is to cause a leak.

There’s also the danger of waste backup causing damage to surfaces in your home. Trust us – you don’t want a slow draining sink to escalate to structural damage.

Get your clogged sink looked at today and spare yourself a bigger hassle down the road. Call Prime Plumbing for friendly, professional drain cleaning services in Linthicum Heights, MD.

Natural Drain Cleaner vs. Chemical Drain Cleaner

If your sink is draining slower than normal, don’t just grab a chemical drain cleaner from your supply closet. Chemical drain cleaners actually do more harm than good.

Here are some ways chemical drain cleaners work against you:

  • They’re so strong that they can corrode your pipes.
  • The fumes can be dangerous.
  • It can damage other fixtures (like your sink and tub).

Thankfully, chemical drain cleaners aren’t the only option. You can make natural drain cleaner with common items you find in your pantry. Baking soda followed by vinegar is a safe, natural drain cleaner. Just wash it down with hot water (greater than 175 degrees can damage pipes) after you’ve let it sit for a little while.

If this doesn’t work, then you know it’s time to call Prime Plumbing for a drain cleaning.

Tips to Prevent a Clogged Drain

If plumbing repairs aren’t in your budget, there are ways to prevent a man-made clogged drain. Here are a few:

  • Don’t pour oils down the drain. An easy way to dispose of it is to let the oil harden (putting it in the freezer can speed up this process), then dispose of it in the trash.
  • Put a mesh trap over all your drains. You can catch lots of food, hair, and more with one of these.
  • Watch what you put down your garbage disposal. Foods like celery, coffee grounds, pasta, and more can cause a clogged drain.

Not all drain clogs are man-made, though. Some come from tree roots growing through pipes. If you suspect that you have a clogged drain despite the preventive steps above, call Prime Plumbing.

The Prime Plumbing Mission

Our mission at Prime Plumbing is always to be:

  • Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Professional
  • Efficient

Our 24/7 service is never automated. We strive to give every part of our experience a personable, human touch. We take feedback from our clients seriously, and always strive to improve our service.

Our Prime Plumbing technicians committed to providing the best drain cleaning in Linthicum Heights, MD. We don’t stop there, though. You can call us for most types of plumbing services and repairs and even home inspections. There’s no service too big or small. The most important part of our mission is how well we can serve you.

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