Drain Cleaning Aberdeen, MD

Call us now for a quick fix for your clogged drains in Aberdeen, MD, by Prime Plumbing.

Do you have stagnant or slow-moving water over any of your drains?

Aside from making your kitchen or bathroom uncomfortable to use, such problems pose a health risk by breeding bacteria and other harmful pathogens. It also poses a slip hazard and flood risk. More importantly, it could signify a bigger problem needing immediate attention.

We specialize in resolving all types of drain clog issues. By choosing Prime Plumbing for drain cleaning in Aberdeen, MD, you’ll receive a quick solution with lasting results. And because our drain cleaning services are available 24/7, you can contact us on any day, at any hour, for emergency drain cleaning services.

Why is Your Drain Clogged?

Several things can cause drain blockage. The most common cause is the accumulation of organic or inorganic materials within your drain. Examples of such materials include:

  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Dirt
  • Soap

As these materials accumulate, they’ll impede the free flow of sewage, leading to a slow-moving drain. Ignoring the problem means the clog will worsen until the drain is completely sealed, leading to stagnant or backed-up sewage.

Tree roots can also cause blocked pipes by breaking into a drain or sewage pipe in search of nutrients or moisture. Over time, the roots will choke the inside of the pipe, impeding the flow of sewage.

Regardless of the cause of your blocked drain, Prime Plumbing can provide a quick and long-lasting solution.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

The Prime Plumbing team delivers the best drain cleaning results, ensuring you won’t need the same service anytime soon. We accomplish this by first using special cameras to find what’s blocking your drain.

Once we identify the culprit, we can apply the best solution to fix the problem. For dirt, mineral, or grease accumulation, we can use hydro-jetting or snaking to get rid of the blockage. For more severe blockages, such as a tree root invasion, we may have to replace the affected portion of the pipe.

In every circumstance, we will save you money by always recommending the most cost-effective drain cleaning solution. Don’t put off fixing a clogged drain in Aberdeen, MD. Call Prime Plumbing at (443) 741-1129 today.

Aside from repairing blocked drains, we also provide drain cleaning in Aberdeen, MD, as routine pipe maintenance. The service will extend the life of your drainpipes and prevent sudden drain clogs.

Contact Prime Plumbing today for emergency drain cleaning or drain maintenance services in Aberdeen, MD.

How to Prevent Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can occur at the worst moment. But, you can take preventive measures to reduce the chances of clogs and keep your drains clear. Our experts recommend:

  • Installing a drain sieve that prevents potential cloggers from entering your pipes
  • Pour near-boiling water (not above 175 degrees) down your drains. Doing this once a month will soften and wash away the accumulated gunk in your drains.
  • Use a plunger to clear your drains, especially when you notice reduced draining speeds.
  • Call us for drainpipe maintenance services.

Don’t let a clogged drain ruin your day. Call Prime Plumbing today at (443) 741-1129 for quick and effective drain cleaning in Aberdeen, MD.


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