Boiler Service Laurel, MD

Your heating system is one of the most important systems in your home. It is the thing keeping you warm on frigid Maryland nights and cozy when there is snow falling outside. Unlike forced air that traditional furnaces emit, boiler systems provide radiant heat. These systems are more efficient than forced air systems, but they require proper maintenance to keep their efficiency. Prime Plumbing is a trusted resource for homeowners looking for boiler service in Laurel, MD.

Why Should I Have Annual Boiler Service in Laurel, MD?

Annual service is not just designed to fix problems with your boiler, but also to identify potential problems before they have a chance to arise. Some of the reasons why you should prioritize annual boiler service in Laurel, MD are listed below.

  1. Save on Repairs: Regular service can identify problems and replace parts before you are paying a premium for emergency service because there are urgent issues and your heat is out. Unrepaired issues can also lead to more significant damage later that would be more expensive to remedy.
  2. Save Lives: Carbon monoxide is a serious hazard, and boiler inspections can identify potential problems with your heating system that could be extremely hazardous to your health. Every year, 36% of carbon monoxide deaths occur in December, January and February when heating systems and boilers are running the most.
  3. Save on Your Bills: An efficient heating system is a less expensive heating system. Boiler service in Laurel, MD can help to keep your system as efficient as possible and reduce the energy that your boiler needs to use to keep you comfortable and warm.
  4. Save Your Insurance Coverage: Most warranties and insurance policies require that homeowners take preventative steps to ensure their boilers are safe to use. Annual service fulfills that obligation and gives you the peace of mind that you are protecting your family.

What Does a Boiler Service in Laurel, MD Include?

Our boiler service is comprehensive. We will always show up to your home on-time and get your service completed in an efficient, professional manner, all while answering any questions that you have. Some of the things that your boiler service can include are:

  • A visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the unit, including checking for signs of any damage or issues
  • Checking the operation and control components to ensure they are functioning properly and in good repair
  • Examining the construction and termination of the flue, as well as the combustion releases
  • Cleaning the main components of the boiler
  • Completing a broad range of safety tests including examining the flame sense device, pilot burner, thermostat, boiler operation, ventilation, heating controls, electrical wiring connections, location of the boiler, gas and pressure flow, seals and safety devices
  • Recording any inconsistencies noted during the inspection and making any recommendations for additional maintenance or repairs
  • Checking to ensure that all of the parts were put back together properly and the boiler is in working order
  • Explaining the results of our inspection and service to you, along with answering any questions that you have to improve your understanding

We look forward to helping your family stay warm and safe with our professional boiler service in Laurel, MD.

Where Can I Find Boiler Service in Laurel, MD?

Priming Plumbing works with homeowners throughout the Laurel, MD area, including in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Harford County and Howard County. We are licensed and certified and can help with all of your plumbing problems, including servicing drains, sewers, water heaters, sump pumps, boilers and more. To request service or learn more, call us today at 443-741-1129.


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