Homeownership certainly has its perks. For one, you’re finally free to paint that spare bedroom purple and black and make it your Ravens fan cave without a landlord objecting. But as anyone who has ever owned a home can tell you, the downside to homeownership is that you’re responsible when problems flare up with things like plumbing systems. If you are struggling to find a gift or fill a stocking, we have five easy, affordable gifts that make great stocking stuffers for any homeowner!

Drain Hair Stopper

This one isn’t so much of a tool as it is an easy-to-apply device. Unfortunately, hair down the drain can easily create a nasty clog or make an existing one worse. Because our hair isn’t water soluble, it’s hard to break it up once it clumps together. In fact, many chemicals even struggle to dissolve hair-based clogs (yet another reason why you should avoid using chemicals down your drain).  

Drain hair stoppers come in a variety of colors, shapes and materials and often cost less than $15. Depending on the one you buy, a drain hair stopper can either lay directly over your shower drain or sit into it with a goal of catching hair and other debris before it clogs your drain. When you’re ready, you simply remove the stopper, grab and dispose of the hair, and rinse with warm water before returning it. Drain hair stoppers are a simple solution to a serious problem.

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Speaking of simple solutions, a plunger is a must-have for every home. Like with drain hair stoppers, there are different types, with different plungers meant for specific uses. For example, the mushroom-shaped toilet plunger will differ from the cup-shaped plunger you might use in your sink. In any event, these babies are mandatory and come in handy for clogs.

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Drain Snake

As good as plungers are, they can only do so much. And when they don’t work, the next line of defense is often a drain snake. A drain snake is a long and flexible auger capable of making its way down your drain and pipes to dislodge clogs or build-up. The most important thing is that drain snakes don’t damage your pipes and many even have vinyl covers to prevent the device from scratching porcelain toilet bowls.

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Adjustable Wrenches

The pipe wrench and basin wrench are staples in a plumber’s toolkit, so it only makes sense for homeowners to have them nearby as well. As the name implies, pipe wrenches grip and turn pipes, while a basin wrench’s jaws securely fit around valve lock nuts. Here’s a fun fact that underscores the importance of adjustable wrenches: According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an average household’s leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year. And among homes that have leaks, about 10% waste 90 gallons or more daily.

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Thread Tape

It’s a good idea to have thread tape, also known as Teflon tape, at your disposal in the event of a leak that you can’t seem to fix with a wrench. It’s common for this kind of tape to be applied where two threaded pipes  connect— like a shower head, for example. It’s always a good idea to have teflon tape on hand, and it fits easily in a stocking! 

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The five items listed here help homeowners stand a chance against common concerns like clogs and leaks. They are inexpensive and could end up saving someone hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Of course, not all jobs are DIY-able, which means you may need to rely on professional plumbing services. If you ever have any issues that are beyond what you think you can handle, Prime Plumbing is always here. We handle everything from clogged toilets and drains to water heaters, sump pumps and more. Save time, call Prime!

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