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Need backflow device testing in Bowie, MD? Prime Plumbing, a trusted provider of plumbing inspection and repair services in the area, has got you covered. Don’t hesitate to call us today to schedule an appointment.

Why Backflow Testing is Important

Usually, a building’s water-supply infrastructure is designed to keep water under constant pressure. This prevents sewage from flowing back into the piping. Sometimes, however, water pressure decreases, such as when pipes leak, burst, or freeze. This may cause backflow of sewage water and subsequent hazardous contamination.

State regulations require water infrastructures to have backflow preventers. A backflow preventer, also known as a check valve, ensures no sewage makes its way back into water meant for human consumption. This device needs to be checked annually. Prime Plumbing, a state-certified company, is authorized to perform backflow device testing in Bowie, MD.

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What Our Backflow Device Testing Service Includes

After you call Prime Plumbing to schedule a backflow device testing appointment and our certified plumbers arrive at the premises, they will do the following:

1. Shut off water flow

All interruptions will be pre-scheduled and will only occur with the permission of the property’s owner (or a representative of the owner). After the water flow is shut off, the plumber will make notes on the backflow device, including its model, serial number, size, location, and condition.

2. Perform the actual test

The backflow device test has two main purposes, namely:

  • Checking for presence of backflow.
  • If backflow is present, determine the reason so that we can eliminate it.

During the test, the plumber will check the gate and relief valves on the backflow prevention device. More specifically, the plumber will close each valve and monitor changes such as gauge movement or water leaks. This is done to make sure that:

  • The check valves function correctly, preventing backflow.
  • Air ports open correctly.
  • Relief valves open properly so that the pressure between the check valves is not excessively lower than the pressure measured at the inlet device.

3. Inform you of the results

After the test is complete, our certified plumber will inform you of the results and recommend a course of action as needed.

As backflow device testing involves specific procedures and criteria, this is not something you can do yourself. However, you can identify a potential problem and decide it’s time to consult a certified plumber if you notice any of the following signs in your water:

  • Murkiness or discoloration
  • A strange smell or taste
  • Sediment

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Why Choose Prime Plumbing

The certified technicians of Prime Plumbing are equipped to handle any residential, commercial, or industrial project, great or small. We are proud to serve clients in the Bowie, MD area, and we prioritize customer satisfaction, health, and safety.

After you reach out to us to schedule an appointment, we will arrive to perform the backflow device test, determine whether your backflow devices are functioning properly, and give you honest, reliable, and professional advice. Our technicians will work promptly and efficiently to detect and eliminate any backflow problems.

If you suspect a backflow emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us at any hour of the day. We are committed to offering our clients quick responses, efficient service, and affordable costs. Call Prime Plumbing at 443-936-0800 or reach us through our website form.


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