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The expert team at Prime Plumbing can help you with all your backflow device repair needs.

Backflow devices are a central part of your plumbing system. A well-functioning backflow device is necessary to keep your household’s water sanitary and safe. Its purpose is simple: to keep the water that has left your plumbing system from coming back in.

Without it, wastewater, storage water, or other potentially contaminated water can flow back into your drinking water supply. Backflow is dangerous to you and your family’s health, and can also damage the pipes in your plumbing system.

Furthermore, laws in the state of Maryland and the county require regular inspections showing your backflow device is up to par.

Prime Plumbing in Silver Spring, MD, will keep your household’s drinking water clean and safe. If your backflow device is showing signs, there might be an issue.

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How Do I Know if I Need Backflow Device Repair?

There are two main ways to determine if your backflow device requires repair.

The first way is through testing. Even if your backflow device appears to be working well, it is important to get it tested. Montgomery County requires an annual inspection of residential and commercial backflow devices.

It is always better to be proactive, so a plumbing issue doesn’t become an emergency. Some of our customers come to us for testing after receiving a notice that their backflow needs testing or a violation because they did not receive the required tested previously.

Sometimes, formal testing isn’t needed to indicate that there might be a problem with your backflow device. Signs may include:

  • Your water is strange in odor or color. In particular, a rotten egg smell can often accompany this problem.
  • When you run your water, dirt or rust comes out.
  • The water tastes different than it has in the past.
  • Water is draining more slowly than usual.
  • Some drains have unusually high water levels, and some have low water levels at the same time.

The testing process only takes about an hour. Get your backflow device tested by Prime Plumbing in Silver Spring, MD, now. Make sure it is in good shape and won’t become a problem later.

Understanding Maryland Backflow Device Legislation

It’s important to have your backflow device tested as required to keep your water healthy and your pipes working well. However, backflow testing is more than just a good idea—it’s a legal requirement.

Most residential and commercial properties in the state of Maryland are required to have their backflow devices inspected regularly and repaired or replaced if necessary. Montgomery County also requires these inspections annually.

This inspection must be completed by a certified professional, such as one of our technicians at Prime Plumbing. Call us today if you’ve received a notice regarding backflow testing. We’ll take care of the inspection and any repairs needed.

Silver Spring’s Most Reliable Backflow Device Testing Services

If you find yourself needing a backflow device repair or inspection, we are here to help. Contact Prime Plumbing for an inspection or repair process that’s quick and simple.

We will send a plumbing professional to identify the problem at hand and prepared to perform the needed inspection, repair, or replacement. Learn more about our team of plumbing experts.

Call Prime Plumbing in Silver Spring, MD, at (443) 741-1129 for your backflow device repair needs. The cleanliness and safety of your household’s water supply is our number one priority.


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