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Ensure that your home’s water supply stays contaminant-free with Prime Plumbing’s backflow-device repair services. Please call us today!

Your backflow device is an essential part of your home’s plumbing system. Access to clean water is necessary for every household, and your backflow device helps keep your water supply free of contamination.

When your backflow device needs repair, be sure to opt for the reliable and high-quality services that Prime Plumbing offers to Columbia, MD, residents. Our team of licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians is always on-call to provide you with quick and efficient backflow-device repair services.

The Importance of a Backflow Device

Even though your water-supply infrastructure keeps your water under constant pressure, malfunctions can sometimes cause the pressure to fluctuate. When this happens, contaminated water can easily find its way to your home’s water supply.

Other contaminants such as chemicals and insecticides could also get into your water supply, exposing you and your family to further health risks.

This is why Maryland plumbing codes require the installation of backflow-prevention devices in residential and commercial buildings. Though the design of backflow-prevention devices can range from simple to complex, they mostly contain a series of valves that help to prevent waste water from flowing back into the clean water supply when pressure fluctuates.

Making sure that you install your home’s backflow device correctly so that it functions optimally will help keep your clean water supply contaminant-free. Unfortunately, malfunctions can result from the wear and tear of the device’s mechanisms.

Knowing Whether Your Backflow Device Needs Repair

When malfunctions occur, be sure to repair your device promptly. Though it can be challenging to  determine whether your backflow device needs repair, several methods will offer you the help you need.

You could have a qualified professional conduct backflow-device testing to identify any sign of damage. 

Besides this, some signs could indicate that your backflow device needs repair. Some of them include:

  • Interrupted or slow water flow
  • Dissimilar water levels in different drains, such as the water level in your toilet bowl rising as you use the sink
  • Slow draining
  • Visible sediment or rust particles in the water
  • Discolored tap water
  • Foul smell or taste in your water

The presence of any of these signs could indicate a malfunctioning backflow device, and you should be sure to take immediate steps to resolve it. In the meantime, do not use or drink the water. Reach out to Prime Plumbing and allow us to ensure that your drinking water isn’t coming into contact with any contaminants and resolve any possible issue we detect.


Backflow Device Repair That You Can Trust

At Prime Plumbing, we are always ready to offer you prompt assistance. Our team of well-trained and highly experienced technicians will provide you with the backflow-device repair services you need in Columbia, MD.

We understand how essential water can be to a household—and we view safe, clean drinking water as a necessity. Therefore, regardless of the time of day, we are always on standby 24/7, ready to dispatch one of our backflow specialists to attend to your emergency.

Our technician will work quickly and efficiently, assessing the situation and proceeding to repair your backflow device—or replace it when necessary. We value the responsibility our clients entrust us with and, as such, we dedicate our efforts to providing you with transparent and reliable services at reasonable prices.

From professional and respectful treatment to fast response times and high-quality service, look no farther than Prime Plumbing for all your backflow device repair services in Columbia, MD. Get in touch with us by calling 443-936-0800 today.


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