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Most people take safe drinking water for granted. Without a well-functioning backflow prevention device, your water supply could be contaminated by bacteria, chemicals, and other hazardous material. In Maryland, state law requires most homes and businesses to be equipped with a backflow prevention device, and state authorities will fine you if it’s not maintained properly.

Backflow prevention devices are essential in preventing wastewater from surging into your clean water supply. Our certified experts at Prime Plumbing have helped protect drinking water safety in Bethesda with backflow device repair, testing, and installation since 2012.

We’re proud of earning the 2019 Angie’s List Super Service Award and our customer reviews praising our prompt, efficient, and affordable service. Our staff is ready to make sure your backflow device works at peak performance.

How Does Backflow Contaminate Water?

Backflow is a plumbing term describing when wastewater is flowing into a clean water supply. This situation is commonly caused by a broken water main, overuse of water in irrigation or gardening, or a malfunctioning backflow preventer device in your plumbing system. When backflow occurs, it is a serious health hazard that requires a licensed plumber to repair.

In a healthy system, clean water flows into your home, and wastewater flows out. However, low water pressure can upset that balance, allowing contaminated water to seep into the clean water supply. The best defense against backflow is a backflow prevention device.

How Backflow Devices Prevent Contamination

We can install backflow prevention devices in your pipes to keep water moving in the right direction. These devices allow water from the main clean water source to flow into your taps while blocking wastewater from backing up into your water system.

Backflow devices are so critical to the health of our water supply that many states require them in any system that connects to a freshwater supply.

In Maryland, all new construction and remodeled homes and businesses are required by law to have backflow prevention devices. If you have an older home or business, you may not know whether you have a backflow prevention device. To prevent contamination issues, give our team at Prime Plumbing a call. We’re more than happy to inspect your system.

Bethesda Backflow Testing and Repair

Maryland law requires annual backflow prevention device testing, and it must be done by a certified professional. Our team at Prime Plumbing is licensed and certified to test and repair backflow devices. We have years of expertise in providing backflow device repair to Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Howard counties, and all of greater Bethesda.

There are many types of backflow prevention devices, and sometimes the device materials or the age of the system can cause the device to malfunction. At Prime Plumbing, we have the expertise and technology to diagnose and fix issues in almost any type of backflow device. Our certified mechanics will give you an honest assessment of whether the device can be repaired or replaced.

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Notice a problem? Call Prime Plumbing Today

Backflow is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. If you notice warning signs, such as discolored or foul-smelling water, slow draining, or sluggish flow, contact us for an inspection. If we find a problem, we will provide fast and affordable backflow device repair and restore water safety. 

For backflow device repair or any other plumbing needs in Bethesda, MD, call Prime Plumbing today at (443) 741-1129.


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